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Ashbury learns early

May 19, 2017Early Learning Through Play programs are starting to emerge across the Diocese, with one program at Ashbury already seeing strong participation within the church and the community.

A city’s care, two ways

May 12, 2017St Andrew’s Cathedral is teaming up with Church Hill Anglican to expand the latter’s pre-existing ministry to the homeless, effectively doubling the impact for those sleeping on Sydney’s streets.

Many generations, one roof

May 5, 2017Youthworks is seeking to reconceptualise its intergenerational ministry, spearheading the effort with its Growing Faith week of conferences.

Marriage booklets out

April 28, 2017More than 65,000 booklets discussing God’s plan for marriage in light of the current push for its redefinition are being distributed to Sydney churches.

Community chaplaincy growth spurt

April 21, 2017Plans are underway to recruit a force of 1000 community chaplains by the year 2020.

Rescuing Australia

April 13, 2017Archbishop Davies has paid tribute to those who risked their lives to perform rescues in the recent cyclone and flooding and describes Jesus as the 'ultimate rescuer'.

SRE review welcomed

April 11, 2017Archbishop Glenn Davies has welcomed a report to the State Government on Special Religious Education (SRE) and Special Education in Ethics (SEE).

Euthanasia challenged

April 7, 2017Scottish theologian Professor John Swinton has urged Christians to resist the renewed push for the introduction of assisted suicide.

Tackling Debbie’s damage

March 30, 2017Anglican Aid has launched an appeal for the victims of Cyclone Debbie in North Queensland.

Royal Commission ends Anglican phase

March 22, 2017The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has finished its investigation of the Anglican Church, with a summary hearing in Sydney.