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U.S. court lifts injunction on Mississippi law seen as anti-LGBT

June 23, 2017 Religion News Service: A U.S. appeals court on Thursday lifted an injunction that blocked a Mississippi law allowing businesses and government employees to deny services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people by citing religious beliefs.

Justin Welby asks George Carey to quit over church abuse report

June 23, 2017 The Guardian: The archbishop of Canterbury has asked his predecessor George Carey to step down as an honorary assistant bishop after a damning independent report found that senior figures in the Church of England colluded over a 20-year period with a disgraced former bishop who sexually abused boys and men.

Evangelicals say justice reform should be a top concern

June 22, 2017 Washington Times: A Christian group that focuses on prison issues declared Tuesday that followers of Christ have a duty to repair the nation’s broken criminal justice system, which relies too much on locking people up in order to keep the public safe.

European migrant deals ‘could put victims of religious persecution at risk’

June 22, 2017 Wall Street Journal: New deals aimed at reducing the number of migrants reaching Europe’s shores could endanger the lives of people fleeing religious persecution, the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) has warned.

Church of England chief backs ‘re-christenings’

June 21, 2017 Daily Mail: The Church of England yesterday suggested it will offer transgender Christians ‘re-christenings’ with their new names.

Safe Schools founder believes same-sex attraction increasing

June 21, 2017 Yahoo Seven: The co-founder of the Safe Schools program claimed "40 to 50 per cent" of all young people are attracted to members of the same sex, at a speaking engagement at Victoria University.

‘Safe Schools’ founder says half of young people are gay

June 20, 2017 Daily Mail: A controversial Marxist lesbian academic who believes primary school children should choose their own gender claims half of all young people are gay.

Aged four and scarred for life: the children who survived Indonesian church attack

June 19, 2017 World Watch Monitor: Two-year-old Anita Sihotang cannot bear the sound of her father’s motorbike because it reminds her of the noise of the explosion last November, when a petrol bomb was thrown into a church park where children were playing, killing one child and seriously injuring Anita and two four-year-olds. Whenever her father turns the key in the ignition, she runs away.

Kenyan faith leaders urge better treatment for children with HIV

June 19, 2017 CHOOSE: Kenyan faith leaders called on pharmaceutical companies to prioritize the development of affordable, easy-to-swallow HIV drugs for children as part of the Day of the African Child event.

One in six young people are Christian as visits to church buildings inspire them to convert

June 19, 2017 UK Telegraph: One in six young people are practising Christians, new figures show, as research suggests thousands convert after visiting church buildings.

Car wash to become homeless aged care centre

June 19, 2017 ABC News: In the inner-city suburb of Darlinghurst, early work has begun on an aged care centre catering for homeless men and women.

Tim Farron: why I had to choose between my Christianity or leading the Lib Dems

June 16, 2017 The Spectator: This last two years have seen the Liberal Democrats recover since the devastation of the 2015 election. That recovery was never inevitable but we have seen the doubling of our party membership, growth in council elections, our first parliamentary by-election win for more than a decade, and most recently our growth at the 2017 general election.

Let’s not deny our Christian roots

June 15, 2017 CHOOSE: Civil Liberties Australia, in its submission to the Senate inquiry on freedom of religion, argues Australia is not a Christian country on the basis that “it is not correct in law and in fact is directly contradicted by the Constitution”.

Tim Farron quits as Lib Dem leader

June 15, 2017 The Guardian: Tim Farron has announced his resignation as Liberal Democrat leader after he was repeatedly pressed during the general election over his personal beliefs on issues including homosexuality.

Bernie Sanders, the unwitting star of liberal cluelessness on religion

June 15, 2017 Religion News Service: Last week in Washington, a low-profile Senate committee hearing turned theological.

If two gays can marry, why not three?

June 15, 2017 Herald Sun: Again I point out that once you say any two adults may marry, how can you say no to any three?

Can yoga cause spiritual confusion for Christians?

June 14, 2017 ABC Online: The Anglican church in Sydney is talking about banning some forms of yoga on its premises.

Church can keep comfortable chairs even though heritage groups say they are ‘cheap’ and ‘dumpy’

June 14, 2017 UK Telegraph: A church has won a battle to keep its new comfortable chairs despite the objections of heritage groups who say they are "cheap" and "dumpy".

Chinese lobby group formed to oppose same-sex marriage

June 14, 2017 The Australian: The Australian Chinese community has founded a not-for-profit group to mobilise against same-sex marriage and the Safe Schools program.

Sri Lanka: over 20 attacks on Christians this year

June 14, 2017 World Watch Monitor: There have been over 20 violent incidents against Christians so far this year, according to the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka. Following a parallel surge in violent attacks on Muslims in the country, the alliance calls on the government to ensure the protection of minorities and their places of worship.